Window Cleaning Services

Window Cleaning Service That Sparkle!

Why Clean Windows?

  • Better View Throughout Your Home
  • Heat Efficiency Throughout Your Home
  • Professional Business Image

Windows are some of the first things people will see when they come to visit your home. We want you to have nice clean windows. You don’t want smudges or scratches to make your home look bad. The only thing that keeps you from enjoying your view is the grime and dust on your windows. We wash car windows all the time, but somehow we forget to do the same with our house windows. The nice thing about having Clean Freak San Antonio provide window cleaning services for you is that we are already in your home cleaning so it’s easy to just add the windows. Call Clean Freak San Antonio to clean your windows. Spend time where it counts…with your family. We will take care of the window cleaning for you. But if you don’t use us to clean your home, you’ll want to use us after we clean your windows. We can do inside and outside windows (as long as the outside window is on the first floor).

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