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Do you want to look great every time you leave home?
Would you like to save time, money, and energy creating outfits?
Do you want to feel more confident, more attractive, and less stressed?

You need Wardrobe Therapy!



During the initial consultation, we will first identify your wardrobe issues and determine the services you require. Don’t know what to wear? A career change, weight fluctuations, or your age leaving you at a loss and frustrated? Closet a disaster? We will create a therapy plan to tackle your wardrobe, image, and style challenges.

Before our first meeting, you will complete a profile that will provide me with an idea of your current style, shopping habits, and goals. I will also ask you to collect pictures or clippings from magazines, catalogs, books, and any other visual aids to illustrate the image you would like to achieve.


After taking a look at the current state of your closet and assessing your style needs, you will receive an estimate of the time needed to get everything whipped into shape. Depending on how much work you want to complete ahead of time will affect how much time I will need on my end. If you want assistance with the “weeding” process, I will offer gentle but honest feedback about what you should keep and what you should get rid of.

We will then “shop your closet” to determine what additional pieces you need to acquire. As an option, I will research examples of these items online and send you images, pricing, and vendor information. We can also plan a shopping outing together if you prefer to have me along for the process. Later, I can put new outfits together, including accessories, take photos, and create a “Look Book” for you for easy reference.


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