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The 10 must have cleaning products cover a multitude of cleaning solutions from windows to counter tops to wood floors, tile floors, carpeting, furniture, clothing and more. The amount of cleaning you have to do may seem daunting, but these ten products will help you conquer the task.

Checklist: 10 Must Have Cleaning Products

Each of the products that made it to this list all have something in common: they are common, household products and tools. Window cleaner is just a window cleaner, until you run out. The dishwasher is just a dishwasher, until it does not work. When they break down or run out, you realize just how much you rely on them.

Cleaning Appliances

1. Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum cleaner is the most basic of the cleaning tools at your disposal. It is ideal for picking up loose dirt, hair and more from your carpeted and non-carpeted areas. Vacuum cleaner attachments let you clean the furniture, catching up crumbs, hair (human and pet), dust and dirt, refreshing as you go. For pet owners, a vacuum cleaner is a necessary cleaning product to keep the animal hair under control, particularly for heavy shedders.

2. Dishwasher

Not everyone has a dishwasher, but the cleaning product is one that saves you time and effort, while also helping you to sanitize everything from baby bottles to toothbrushes. When the dishwasher breaks down or cleans improperly, you may find food stuck to your dishes and glasses that are cloudy. The time saving cleaning appliance lets you rinse off your dishes, glasses, pots and pans and wash them as one load. Modern devices have energy saving features that help reduce the amount of water and power you use.

3. Washing Machine

Anyone who wears clothes, uses blankets, towels and other linen or cloth based products will appreciate the treasure of a washing machine. You can get by without a clothes dryer by hanging clothes on a line or on a drying rack. Without a washing machine in the house your alternatives are a Laundromat where a load of laundry can cost as much as two dollars and fifty cents (and that doesn’t include detergents or softeners) or to wash clothes by hand, which is simply not practical in the modern world.

4. Mop (Wet and Dry)

Whether you have tile, wood or linoleum floors, a mop is a cleaning product you cannot live without. Wet mops, like a Swiffer Wet Jet, provide the cleaner and a cleaning pad so that you can clean up the ground in dirt and stains from the floor. Standard mops come in flat head or rag mop. You use them in conjunction with hot water and soaps designed for floor cleaning. Mops may also be used when waxing or just dusting the floor. When you are dusting, you want a dry mop. Mechanized steam mops are becoming more popular, allowing you to “wet mop” the floor without the bucket and backbreaking labor.

5. Broom

A broom is one cleaning product that is handy to have around for sweeping up dust and debris inside and outside the home. Many households keep two brooms, one wide broom designed to sweep heavy debris (usually outdoors) and one standard broom with a shorter base and stiffer bristles for sweeping indoors. Brooms are useful for cleaning up broken glass, glitter and dry product spills on uncarpeted floor.

Cleaning Products

Cleaning products range from store bought items such as window cleaner, wood polish and bleach are some of the standard cleaning products you need under your sink.

6. Window Cleaner

You want a clean windows without streaking. Window cleaners often contain an ammonia base to cut through dirt, dust and oil that accumulate on glass. Because glass is clear and shows every streak, raindrop, fingerprint and paw print that touches them, cleaning them with water alone is just not enough.

7. White Vinegar

White vinegar is one of the most versatile cleaning products you can own. With vinegar solutions, you can remove stains, clean glass windows, remove pet odor from carpets and much more. Using vinegar is a non-toxic solution for your household cleaning needs.

8. Baking Soda

Baking soda is one of the best house cleaning remedies you can have. Keep an open box in the refrigerator to reduce stale odors or put a layer of baking soda on the bottom of a cat litter box to neutralize the smell of cat urine. You can use baking soda to deep clean your pots, your pans, your bathtub and your drains.

9. Wood Polish

Wood polish comes in multiple product sizes including pre-treated rags that remove dust and allergens from wood surfaces. Standard wood polishes gather up dust, and then leave a shine. They also add a thin layer of protection to the surface of the wood, giving it that glossy appearance. When you’re cleaning a room, wood polish is ideal for all wood surfaces from chair backs to tables, desks and trim.

10. Bleach

Bleach and bleach products are highly toxic, but necessary for sanitizing surfaces and cleaning white surfaces particularly in the bathroom (bathtub, toilet, sinks).Oxy clean may be used as a substitute for brightening white surfaces as well as removing stains from white clothing. The downside of bleach is that if you get it on any colored surfaces, it will leave white spots so use it sparingly. The disinfecting properties of bleach allow you to sanitize door handles and common surfaces when people are sick to prevent the spread of illness.

Using the 10 must have cleaning products are save you time and energy when it comes to getting your chores done and your house cleaned.

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Having your house clean and dust free will help if you have allergies

Have you ever wondered what is making you sneeze as soon as you wake up? Or what triggers your asthma attack? Do you have dust around your house? Do you have animals? These are just a few triggers that may be causing your asthma attacks. If you can control the triggers…you’ll have less asthma attacks. Here are some tips to help prevent the triggers.

Dust Mites

We all know that dust collects just about anywhere it can lay on. To ensure less exposure dust mites try to do the following:

  • Encase pillows and mattresses in dust-mite proof covers
  • Wash bedding and curtains at least once a week in hot water
  • Use allergen-elimination laundry detergent to help get rid of dust mites in your sheets and clothes
  • Replace fabric chairs and sofas with furniture that’s leather, wood, metal, or plastic
  • Remove carpeting and rugs in favor of wood, concrete, vinyl, or linoleum flooring
  • Be sure not to overuse humidifiers (as this increase dust mites), and use dehumidifiers to keep humidity below 50% in your home

Pet Dander

Do you have pets? Even if you don’t have pets the dander can be carried in by people’s clothing. Here are some ways to prevent exposure to pet dander:

  • Clean your floors, rugs, and furniture regularly (pet dander can even stick to walls)
  • Change furnace filters regularly
  • Cover pillow and mattress with microfiber fabric that can help capture cat and dog allergens
  • Try not to visit the homes of people who have cats or dogs
  • Use a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air filter) vacuum at least once a week
  • Use room air purifiers to capture airborne pet dander


Oh we don’t like cockroaches…but they do linger in dark moist areas that have access to food. Try these to avoid contact with cockroaches:

  • Keep garbage covered and food stored in containers with tight lids
  • Clean up dirty dishes, sills, and food crumbs right away
  • Fix all moisture problems, such as leaky faucets and drain pipes
  • Plug up any cracks you can find at the base of walls
  • Call in pest-control experts and use poison baits and trap for ongoing control
  • Use plastic boxes instead of cardboard boxes
  • Look for signs of cockroaches, including tiny droppings that appear to be similar to coffee grounds

These are just some helpful tips to prevent the triggers that cause allergic asthma. Keeping your house clean and dust free is one tip that Clean Freak San Antonio can help you with. Call us at 210.291.2542 and we will take care of all the dust in your home…especially on your ceiling fan.

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