House Cleaning Services San Antonio

Your home is your most personal space. We believe a long-lasting relationship starts with understanding what is important to you regarding your home. That is why we offer our professional house cleaning service with a personal touch!

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Office Cleaning Service

We are willing and able to serve your commercial cleaning service needs. Clean Freak San Antonio takes pride in the work we do. We’ve cleaned all types of offices, warehouses, medical facilities and industrial facilities in the greater San Antonio area.

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Window Cleaning Service

The only thing that keeps you from enjoying your view is the grime and dust on your windows. We wash car windows all the time, but somehow we forget to do the same with our house windows. The nice thing about having Clean Freak San Antonio provide window cleaning services for you is that we are already in your home cleaning so it’s easy to just add the windows.

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Move In / Move Out Service

There’s Nothing Worse than Cleaning a home you’re moving out of—except having the excitement of your new home dampened by old dirt!

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Laundry & Other Service

Some of our clients are surprised to learn about the ways we can make their life easier. Making your life easier and simpler is what we’re all about.  While we don’t run clothes through the washer and dryer, we can take the sting out of laundry by folding clothes and sheets.  Here are other ways we can simplify your life…

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