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Did you know Clean Freak San Antonio offers commercial cleaning services? Whether you’re working at a fortune 500 or just starting your business, it’s important to keep that office / retail shop sparkling! Whether it’s a retail business, restaurant or office. We’ll work around your schedule and keep that office tidy. What’s Included? All office/ commercial cleaning […]

As  always, we love getting feedback from customers. Recently we got the question, “What’s the best way to scrub a tile shower?” What an excellent question! Given that most of us shower daily, it’s a part of the house that should give us a fresh feeling every morning. Who wants to shower in a scummy […]

5 Reasons You’ll Save Time and Hassle with a Move Out Cleaner   When you’re moving from one house or apartment to the next, you have enough details to keep track of. Adding the task of deep cleaning your entire home is one thing you should never fret over. Here are five great reasons why […]

Cleaning Products You Must Have The 10 must have cleaning products cover a multitude of cleaning solutions from windows to counter tops to wood floors, tile floors, carpeting, furniture, clothing and more. The amount of cleaning you have to do may seem daunting, but these ten products will help you conquer the task. Checklist: 10 […]

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  Do you want to look great every time you leave home? Would you like to save time, money, and energy creating outfits? Do you want to feel more confident, more attractive, and less stressed? You need Wardrobe Therapy!   CONSULTATION During the initial consultation, we will first identify your wardrobe issues and determine the […]

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Having your house clean and dust free will help if you have allergies Have you ever wondered what is making you sneeze as soon as you wake up? Or what triggers your asthma attack? Do you have dust around your house? Do you have animals? These are just a few triggers that may be causing […]

house cleaning blogs

A Cleaner Home… Every Time! House Cleaning San Antonio…The Clean Freak San Antonio system was founded on the principle that cleaning your home should be done the way you would do it, if you had the time. So, our system was designed to go beyond surface sparkle to provide a healthier, cleaner house. We customize our […]

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