Having your house clean and dust free will help if you have allergies

Have you ever wondered what is making you sneeze as soon as you wake up? Or what triggers your asthma attack? Do you have dust around your house? Do you have animals? These are just a few triggers that may be causing your asthma attacks. If you can control the triggers…you’ll have less asthma attacks. Here are some tips to help prevent the triggers.

Dust Mites

We all know that dust collects just about anywhere it can lay on. To ensure less exposure dust mites try to do the following:

  • Encase pillows and mattresses in dust-mite proof covers
  • Wash bedding and curtains at least once a week in hot water
  • Use allergen-elimination laundry detergent to help get rid of dust mites in your sheets and clothes
  • Replace fabric chairs and sofas with furniture that’s leather, wood, metal, or plastic
  • Remove carpeting and rugs in favor of wood, concrete, vinyl, or linoleum flooring
  • Be sure not to overuse humidifiers (as this increase dust mites), and use dehumidifiers to keep humidity below 50% in your home

Pet Dander

Do you have pets? Even if you don’t have pets the dander can be carried in by people’s clothing. Here are some ways to prevent exposure to pet dander:

  • Clean your floors, rugs, and furniture regularly (pet dander can even stick to walls)
  • Change furnace filters regularly
  • Cover pillow and mattress with microfiber fabric that can help capture cat and dog allergens
  • Try not to visit the homes of people who have cats or dogs
  • Use a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air filter) vacuum at least once a week
  • Use room air purifiers to capture airborne pet dander


Oh we don’t like cockroaches…but they do linger in dark moist areas that have access to food. Try these to avoid contact with cockroaches:

  • Keep garbage covered and food stored in containers with tight lids
  • Clean up dirty dishes, sills, and food crumbs right away
  • Fix all moisture problems, such as leaky faucets and drain pipes
  • Plug up any cracks you can find at the base of walls
  • Call in pest-control experts and use poison baits and trap for ongoing control
  • Use plastic boxes instead of cardboard boxes
  • Look for signs of cockroaches, including tiny droppings that appear to be similar to coffee grounds

These are just some helpful tips to prevent the triggers that cause allergic asthma. Keeping your house clean and dust free is one tip that Clean Freak San Antonio can help you with. Call us at 210.291.2542 and we will take care of all the dust in your home…especially on your ceiling fan.